55 thoughts on “Syria

  1. I love the rocks and the villages from above….it has its own beauty….I still day you were very brave…..at least he tried to help you learn how to cook the food from the country…the man I was married to sister used to have me come over and would show me how to make reciepes, mine never turned out the same way no matter how much I tried…she used to just shrug her shoulders and say it takes special hands to make our food….well I happen to drop in on her in the morning of a large family get together, she used to do all the cooking for the parties…she was right in the middle of one of the recipes she had taught me….hummm she was adding other ingredients she never told me about…Bitch!!! she purposely taught me wrong so it would make her look like the better cook….pretty arrogant of her….I mentioned this at the party the reason mine tasted different was because she forget to tell me all the ingredients….I was pretty mouthy…lol she said it was a mistake or I forgot to write it down….well one of the other guest gave me her number and I went over with my list of recipes and she helped correct them….we didn’t get to call the sister anymore bad names out loud but I could see by the look on her face she was pretty disgusted with her….lets just say that put a huge damper on my relationship with that sister…..LOL I look back and think how petty of her….I must of been a threat to her…..oh well that was then…..love the pictures….

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  2. I liked the tour and your notes on these places, Lyn. This was so interesting and someday, I hope to travel more. I have been to Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Canada. I have not been to every state even in my own country but distant lands “call to me,” smiles!

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  3. Everything is really brown there, not much variation in landscapes, it has it’s own beauty and is very different from what I am accustomed too. It reminds me just a little of where my Sister is in New Mexico, very brown with little vegetation. Great photo’s.

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