33 thoughts on “Syria

  1. Lyn, I was on a road trip for work today, listening to NPR, and kept hearing a clip about how it may be dangerous to stay in Syria and dangerous to leave… I confess to not knowing as much as I should about the refugee situation, and I wondered if you have shared your perspective?

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    • I have not. I have all of my in laws there and I worry daily! I tried to get my two nephews here to attend school a couple years back but it never worked out! I just feel sad and now disconnected from them. It is hard to imagine honestly! the people you love and you are sitting in a home, safe, warm. It is hard enough in syria, when we went those summers, electricity turns off 2 hours each day, water is limited! so I cant imagine now!

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    • well we only went for summers here and there. I begged for him to bring his family just never happened!! so, they miss the uncles and family for sure. It is a tough place to go and stay, if you go stay at a nice hotel ok but living there is hard and we were not used to it. We lived as they did for those short weeks and it was tough!

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