Average things around Riyadh

Saudi20 (15)

Average clothing store, not too expensive

Saudi 6 (56)

Typical neighborhood Pharmacy


Gated type of housing that has become more popular.

A little like a compound, inside there are villas, a pool and a place to

walk. Not as large and does not have a store.park etc.

49 thoughts on “Average things around Riyadh

  1. These photos are so sharp and beauty shown in unique items and places, Lyn. I feel this was h r lpful to help me picture where you live. I liked the store photo and the beauty on decorative home items. The gated apartments or condos remind me of a “compound” which would make me feel too enclosed like prison. Not to offend those who choose to live in them please. 🙂

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  2. The ceiling in the store looks very bright and attractive – so many lights! The other thing I’ve noticed is that many of the buildings on the outside give little away as to what lies inside…the villas, courtyards and swimming pools. It must be like stepping through into another world.

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