Riyadh-Butha shopping

Saudi has tons of fabulous malls and upscale shops but it also has some famous local shopping. Many Westerners living in Saudi prefer going to these interesting  places where prices are good and you can find basic housewares and a wide range of everyday items.


37 thoughts on “Riyadh-Butha shopping

  1. Lyn, as always you show us really interesting photos and fill us in on details and descriptions. With my 3 children, I tried to buy 2 or 3 new outfits every season then “filled in” with other gently used clothing. 🙂
    I like that our small town has two big box stores and three thrift or resale stores. Kohl’s is for fairly reasonable priced clothing and new household items, Wal Mart for even lessmoney, then for clothes I like “Thrifty Chic” and “Toujours” shops along with Goodwill Store. There are many reasons in the winter to go to Malls, (Polaris and Tuttle Crossing) to walk around in warmth, to look at people 🙂 and decorations. There is such a competition between places you may find bargains. Have a wonderful rest of the week! ♡

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  2. Hello my friend….another great picture…my kids had so much fun shopping over seas..they were in Morocco and Istanbul….I would have so much fun in the markets over there….were you able to bring back lots of fun stuff?

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