70 thoughts on “Camel souk, coffee and outside market

  1. Like everyone else, i was surprised to see the very ‘western’ Starbucks over ther. It does look out of place, and so different to camel souks and such like. I know that many countries in the world still use maids and servants of all kinds, including various establishments and wealthy families in both the UK and US. Perhaps the main difference is in their conditions of service and their rights as people. Hopefully, ‘hired helpers’ aren’t treated that badly over here and wages are the same as those of similar workers. (I say ‘hopefully, because I don’t know if that’s true – hust hope it is!) Thought provoking pictures. Lynn.

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    • there is a ladies section or family section and then a single section for men. So yes I could but if there was not a family section then no. My mom went to a western donut place and sat down and they said oh sorry mam you must leave. The workers are not saudi so they are only doing as told and will get in trouble.

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