71 thoughts on “Groceries, camels and more

  1. Your not in Kansas anymore! My old boss was a Desert Storm veteran and he showed me pictures of nothing but dessert as far as the eye could see. Told me it’s neat for about 20 minutes then you realize you are in the middle of nowhere and it’s 100 degrees!

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  2. So Lynn, I have to tell you a quick story. I’m from Arizona, and we moved here to the Seattle area in 2006. And you know how everyone here doesn’t have A/C because you don’t always need it. However, my first summer here I was so uncomfortable without A/C as I was so used to it from Arizona. I told my husband that we had better put it in our house or I was going to move back to Arizona where they believed in it. We got A/C installed. Now being from Arizona, I know what 115 feels like. And knowing that you couldn’t have the A/C running at all times in that desert heat is just a horrifying thought. You must have really been in love with this man to tolerate that kind of heat with no A/C. Ugh. (Love the Safeway picture, :D)

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  3. I just can’t imagine heat like that. We frequently get over 100 with humidity, and it’s hot. However, not life threatening, and we have AC. I love all of the colors of the trees and grass too. Dessert would not be my preferred landscape, if I had a choice. You are one tough girl not being born into that and learning to live with it.

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  4. Hi Lynn! Your pictures of life in the Middle East are so interesting… some images are not unexpected, camels, deserts, souks, etc. However, I never imagined I would see western bricks and mortar shops- Babies R Us, Cinnabon, etc! After looking at your photos and reading about your life in Saudi Arabia, it made me wonder if you miss anything? Do your children?

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    • My kids do not! A couple of them went back for a visit and that settled it!!School there was very very difficult and they were really not happy. I think we all miss little things because we spent so much time there. he made it very unbearable to be honest. many people do like it and have fun!

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  5. Fascinated with the pictures you post, Lynn! Like another reader commented, I was surprised to see a Babies R Us and a Cinnabon! 🙂 The heat would be difficult I’m sure! It’s interesting because we have some good friends who moved to Mozambique where it gets very hot as well — now when they come back to the states to visit, they say they become cold very easily.

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  6. The dessert looks a very desolate place, and not somewhere anyone would want to be for long. Always so close to the towns, I imagine its presence was always felt. I’d quitelimit to see a camel soul, though.

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