Compound festival


Compounds in Saudi have different festivals throughout the year. You must purchase a ticket and of course go through heavy security to enter any Western compound. It is like stepping back into a Western country with a Middle Eastern touch! The picture above shows a Country Western dance group. A band performed as well and handed out their Cds at the end of their performance. Β Of course all of these things are banned in Saudi but inside the compound it is a different world.




lots of Western food vendors


Shawarma sandwiches as well




Crafts, food and games!S5003300



118 thoughts on “Compound festival

  1. Do you know Lynn I was talking with a rather ill-informed and ignorant woman yesterday who was complaining that the refugees and immigrants generally did not assimilate into our society but kept themselves separate – therefore they ought not be allowed into the country was her point [I think].

    I asked her if she found herself in a new country with a new language, different culture, different religious rules and laws and commonplace understandings, would she not also gravitate to those who understood her language, her culture, her religious rules and laws and commonalities? She said ‘But that is different, we don’t have all their funny ways.’ That comment ended the discussion for me, I can’t stand by that degree of ignorance and keep my cool!

    I wish I could have shown her your line dancing picture – if that isn’t odd what is? πŸ™‚

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    • you are very wise and what you said is full of valid and wonderful points! When I lived in Saudi I looked for American, British, Canadian etc. friends, I loved shopping at Safeway and found it comforting to be around English speakers! As you said just normal human behavior!Lovely points you make!!

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  2. Oh how great for you to have such a lovely reminder of home. A real western atmosphere and country and western music – and dancing! It looks such fun with all those stalls – and western food! How different to the strict regime outside those walls. Wonderful photos, Lynn. Thank you for sharing this.

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