Trip to Al-Khobar 2012

There are funny little things that happen in Saudi especially in construction and design! So, the picture above is a house and that is it’s garage on the left. What is wrong with this picture???



A cart for serving tea!


A big past time in Saudi racing up the sand dune!


The Corniche

135 thoughts on “Trip to Al-Khobar 2012

  1. Whoever lives in that house (top pic) obviously doesn’t use the garage – not for keeplng the car in, anyway.Lol Perhaps they had access to it from inside and used it for storage or something. Still, that doesn’t excuse the idiotic position of the post! The tea trolley’s a bit too glitzy for my taste, but it would look good in the right setting. As for racing up a sand dune as a pastime… Well, I suppose if you’ve got sand dunes on your doorstep, you might as well make use of them!

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    • haha I am not sure about the camrys but my daughter said they had SUV, jeeps and just regular cars and it was quite a sight! I don’t think that is true because they are desert people and the average one will not want to leave their car. Maybe a super rich one but honestly the average Saudi is not rich at all! the average income is pretty low I was shocked!

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  2. Haha… I looked, and I looked, and I thought you cannot be serious ! is that traffic light pole really where it is? Unbelievable…It is a hoot !!! Would be interesting to know what the owners of the house think? It just goes to show how people work….guess it happens all over hey.
    My hubby went to Dubai for business and he went ‘Dune Bashing’ I am not too sure if that is the same thing, looks like it…got to say he wasn’t too impressed, and I told him he must be getting old haha

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  3. Being English afternoon tea is an artform and I was raised with it being wheeled in on a trolley, kettle on a spirit stove ready for mother to do the honours, teapot complete with cosy and bread and butter which had to be eaten before one was allowed to indulge in whatever sweet treats had been baked that day. But I have never seen such a bling trolley and I would love to see mother’s face if she saw it! As for the garage – hilarious!

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