My favorite fries, thanks Elaine!

A friend of mine, Elainefoodbod posted a recipe for roasted potatoes. I will admit, they sounded a bit different than anything I had made before. But, I am so happy that I really love and trust Elaine’s culinary skills so I gave them a try! They were amazing!  So far I have made them 3 times, each time wanting to post a picture, each time they were gone!! This time I hurried and grabbed some and snapped a quick picture. Mine are not as lovely as Elaine’s but I will say they are delicious!!! Please pop over and see Elaine and try these amazing potatoes!



Perfect crispy roast potatoes..and parsnips…but mostly, perfect crispy roast potatoes 😀


122 thoughts on “My favorite fries, thanks Elaine!

  1. Lynn, I love crispy roast potatoes…they are my best. I love roasts, and it does not matter what the meat is or how good the veggies are, the potatoes just make the roast ! These look divine. Hope you are well and are having a good weekend 🙂

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  2. Roasties as they are fondly known in the UK are something of an obsession in the country of my birth. These look beyond perfect to me …. I can see I will have to given the method a whirl. And parsnips? One of the reasons I NEED to find my forever home is so that I can grow them – they are like hens teeth in my area … beyond rare and when I find them I am quite forceful with the other ladies at the market when I see them disappearing before it’s my turn in the queue. So it’s a question of grow them before I get arrested for disorderly behavior!

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  3. Lynz, this is exactly what I do (I checked out Elaine’s site and she has some great stuff on there…..thanks for the lead)
    I actually go one step further and cover the pan with a clean, dry tea-towel – this absorbs the steam as they are cooling and they dry out even more (I sometimes sieve a little corn flour over them flavoured with rosemary and this makes them really crisp)
    There is nothing like a well cooked ‘roastie’ crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.
    I can’t get good roasting potatoes in France, but King Edwards are the best in the UK hmmmmm

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  4. Oooo yes please, there’s nothing like a good Sunday roast with potatoes. I too parboil my potatoes, but I see a step that I’ve failed to do and that is heating the oil in the oven first… will definitely try this. Very nice Lynz & Elaine 🙂

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