Views of Al-Khobar


streets of Al-Khobar


Indian restaurant Foof went to in Saudi.

My lovely friend Freda from Aromatic Essence let me know

that the above picture is the traditional serving in Southern India!

Thanks dear Freda!


Outside souk


Grocery store produce


More dresses at the mall

100 thoughts on “Views of Al-Khobar

    • I guess so. There are always bars and in recent years a huge wave of robberies! Very scary. When he was sleeping on the couch one night, he woke to see a shadow and a guy standing there!!!! he ran out and over the gate. how did he get over a tall wall I dont know but they are like gangs and each house in our little compound type thing got robbed!!! Weird. not when we lived on a Western compound!!

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        • hahaha well it was weird and scary. They roam around and sneak in your house while you are sleeping! They jumped the wall and then preyed the kitchen door open! It was yucky, they are creepy and only come when you sleep! my sister went to turkey, came home to her house a huge mess! See the walls around the house make it isolated! So she was so upset!!


    • They wear them to weddings and to ladies dinners. In Arab society parties, dinners and visiting are just the normal routine! For me it was difficult because I was not used to that at all. So, ladies would have parties just to dress up have friends over and look gorgeous haha

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  1. I loved the dress.

    It is a age-old traditional custom in my country, India, to serve food on banana leaves. Though it is not followed anywhere now as it is difficult to get banana leaves in cities. But in some restaurants, they serve in this way to make things look exotic. In fact, banana leaves are packed with plant-based compounds called polyphenols which are natural anti-oxidants. So, it’s a healthy organic way.
    Glad to see that Indian eateries over there are following it… 🙂

    Thanks a lot for sharing the pictures… 🙂

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  2. Im from southern India and yes.. During traditional ceremonies/parties we lay the banana leaves on our tables, cleanse it with water, and serve our food on it 🙂 and obviously eat with your fingers so no fork holes or knives cutting through. can’t wait to go back. As my dad says “our next traditional meal will be at your wedding, Portia” haha. Glad you were able to experience it Lynz!

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