Hugh’s photo challenge:week 8-charity Christmas tree topper challenge

I hope I am not too late, but I wanted to participate and wasn’t sure how until my parents sent me our old star! I can’t say how many years this topped our tree but it was years and years! I am including a picture of mom and dad back 30 years ago and the star now! Hugh’s Views & News

The star holds great memories for me and I always watched dad place it on the top! When we went to help with gingerbread cookies and unpacked the decorations, I saw the star! I told mom it was so special and all of the memories and asked her not to throw it out! The other day she sent it to me!

I hope it is not too late Hugh and thanks for this wonderful event!


94 thoughts on “Hugh’s photo challenge:week 8-charity Christmas tree topper challenge

  1. Beautiful star…..I collect, or rather stars collect me…LOL I have an old angel that I used as a child on my trees that my mom let me put up in my bedroom when I was a little girl, she retired this year, but I still have her and she is well over 40 years…I love Christmas traditions… new angel topper is made out of thin abalone shells and shines at the top of the tree….Merry Christmas Lynn, and love the old picture of your parents tree…..kat

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  2. Beautiful star and memories, Lynn. We had a very old angel topping our tree for years. She really was kind of a mess but my brother wanted her so my mom passed her along. My sister-in-law refused to put her on their tree so I suppose she’s sitting in a box in their attic somewhere. Wishing you and your family peace and good tidings!

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  3. This is a wonderful story, Lynn. I’m so pleased your parents sent you the star and that it arrived in time for Christmas. It must bring back so many happy memories. I have an Angel on top of my Christmas Tree which I purchased back in 1988. I bought her with some money my Grandmother gave me that Christmas. Sadly, my Grandmother passed away in 1995, but the Angel always sits on top of our tree every Christmas.

    Thank you so much for participating in my Christmas Tree Topper Challenge in aid of The Dogs Trust Charity. By participating you have helped give a homeless dog a meal and I’m hoping that the money we raise will also go towards finding new loving homes for some of the dogs.

    I hope you don’t mind but I have included the link to the challenge so that more people can join the challenge. It is open until January 5th 2016 and everyone that participates helps us raise more money for The Dogs Trust.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.
    Seasons Greetings,
    Hugh 🎅

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