My friend ZuZu and the secret


I have been patiently waiting, tick tock, tick tock. My oldest son, Osama will soon be 29. My second oldest son, Yusuf, is soon 28!  Yusuf got married 5 years ago, Osama got married 4 years ago. The clock has been ticking and I have been patient (not that patient). Osama and Jacki got a dog, Kenny.

Then Yusuf and Alicia got a dog, Clementine.


I love my little Grand dogs they are so sweet and so much fun!!

The clock quit ticking and finally I gave up! I resigned myself to being a Grama, to dogs!

Then last year my daughter- in- law, Jacki, told me she was pregnant, within weeks, sadly, it was over. Then only a couple months later, another pregnancy and again, over. I had given up on grand kids anyway, but felt sad and hurt for she and my son!

Now, I am so very excited and joyful to announce that Osama and Jacki are expecting twin boys! She is making her way through a high risk pregnancy in which the babies share a placenta, so prayers are welcome! She has passed a crucial point and so I feel I can say that yes, we are guarded but excited! I will be in their home this New Year’s weekend doing what I can, which is cooking up t.v. dinners to freeze.  As always, I do not possess wealth to buy fancy gifts,  I cannot give anything other than what is in my heart. I can help carry babies, change diapers and give hugs, cook and give my love which is what is infinite and abiding! And so I bring in this New Year with something that is truly amazing and exciting!

One of my favorite bloggers and authors is Claremary Sweeney! She writes lovely books and agreed to generously inscribe one for my son and daughter in law to read to their twins!  Clare also sent me this lovely Santa snow globe pop up! Thanks Clare! She is a loyal friend and special lady! Clare’s book is a tale of ZuZu the cat and her adventures, A Berkshire tale. Her blog is  Around ZuZu’s Barn. If you don’t know Clare stop over and say hi.


Snow globe Clare sent me. Me holding A Berkshire tale

242 thoughts on “My friend ZuZu and the secret

  1. Lynn, keeping Jacki in my thoughts and prayers. How wonderful that she is doing well, I know it’s guarded since it is high risk and it’s so nice that you are there to offer help and support. Your gift of love is worth more than any material gift and I am sure is treasured by everyone, Happy New Year to you and your family,

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  2. Whoa! How exciting, Lynz. I’m all teared up and weepy. You are going to love being a granny, of course…to a real baby versus a puppy. And new parents don’t need anything that can be bought…they need all that loving help that you will surely provide. CONGRATULATIONS! I can’t wait for the big BIG announcement and the pictures 🙂

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  3. So sorry for the losses Lynz…how painful that must have been for you all. I am sending positive vibes your way and that of those precious twin boys….may they be healthy and full of life!!! Best wishes!

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  4. Awwww Lynn
    A huge congratulations and my prayers with your family through out her pregnancy!
    What you are offering is just what any grandchild can ask for!! Nobody needs expensive gifts but all what is required is huge hugs and care and love!!

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  5. Congratulations, soon-to-be Grandma!!! Being a grandma is THE BEST! And, two at once! I am excited for you and will be praying that all goes well with the pregnancy and delivery, and you’ll have two healthy grandchildren.

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  6. Congratulations! My thoughts and prayers will be with them Lynn! I do hope everything will work out for them!
    I also wanted to stop by and wish you and your family all the best in 2016. the stat monkeys listed you as one of my biggest commenters and I needed to let you know how much your support and encouragement has meant to me here.Thank you!! You have really helped to make this blogosphere a great place to be and I am so grateful to have been able to have met you here (and to try out some of your recipes too of course!). One of these days Lynn I would love to be able to meet you in person and give you a great big hug, for now I will send you a virtual one *hugs* xoxoxo

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  7. How wonderful Lynz not just one but two grandchildren on the way! Exciting but somewhat worrying times, I shall be thinking about you all and hoping that all goes well with the pregnancy. Here’s wishing you the very best for 2016 hope it brings you and your family everything you wish for and much, much more.

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  8. I think, that you are giving the best possible gift Lynn, your time and compassion. You have always been a great mom for your kids and been there for them and now you do what ever you can to support the young couple. So lovely 😀

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  9. Oh my, best of luck to Jackie. I’m sure this is a really scary time for all of you, but especially for her since she’s at the heart of it all. What you have to offer is the best that any kids and grandkids could ever want, love, tenderness, and kitchen magic.

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  10. I’m a bit late (as always 😉 ) and can’t really say much more than all your friends above have so eloquently said already 🙂 But I wanted to congratulate you and your son and daughter in law on these happy news and join on the wishes and prayers for healthy babies . I believe you will be an awesome grandmother 🙂
    Turtle Hugs ❤

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