139 thoughts on “Things around Saudi!

  1. My ipad wouldn’t download all the pictures 😦 but I enjoyed the ones I did get to see. It is so interesting to see what everyday life is like in other countries. I would love to try that Romance ice cream! LOL! Good morning Lynn!! xoxoxo

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      • Thank you Lynn! I had to order a new phone because my landline started getting to much static in it. The phone company won’t come fix it. So, I ordered a new smart phone. I haven’t wanted to use these new phones. 😦 But I am slowly learning! I have been having to watch lots of videos to try and learn it. I hope everything in your part of the states is going very well! xoxo

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          • That is an excellent idea Lynn! What kind of recipes will you be putting in it? Saudi/Eastern recipes? That would be really cool. I like the idea of including stories along with the recipes – a mix of funny stories and not funny stories. I don’t blame you for not wanting to spend all day lost at school but I think after a few times you will have it all down and it won’t feel like you are lost anymore.

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          • I feel the same way — well, almost the same way. I haven’t had a man in my life in 25 years! I am getting older, thicker, and slower! The blog has made a huge difference in my life too. I don’t feel lonely, lost, and forgotten anymore. I feel like my life matters and anything I do, matters! So I understand where you are coming from. And NO, that is NOT too much information. We are here for each other. xoxox

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          • Thanks dear PJ! I feel guilty for not going in, I then feel bad about that, but I also feel I need time to kind of adjust and re think my life! I am 53 so I feel irritated that now I need to start a career, don’t like change haha and still tons to do around the house. Thanks for letting me vent dear PJ! hope you are well and happy xoxo


          • You can vent to me anytime you want. 🙂 I understand what you mean that you don’t like change. I think the older we get the harder change is for us. I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

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  2. Time for a pep talk my dear friend Lynz…After Buddy Boy and his unpleasant visit last May had you in a 180 degree turn-about! Yes?! Ah ha…Unraveling 22+ years of your life will not happen over-night. I dislike the fact that you are having a hard time concentrating, sleeping, working and all the things you must do to move on. Fear means false evidence appearing real. Looking in the closets at night time Lynz? Really…You are slowly gaining some self-confidence and momentum but the memories are always there, yes? So, what to do? As your coping mechanisms are wearing down your are feeling exhausted. yes? Having days filled with worry, anger, frustration, loneliness, fear, is not what it should be my dearest friend. You are worthy, you are an individual separate from Buddy Boy, you will always be a Mom! You have great talents. The pros out weigh the cons. Hugs Bestie-2 xoxoxoxxo

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  3. It is interesting to read. I was not in Saudi and thinking about it…probably a good thing that my visa was messed up. I am not so sure of my adaptability there. That being said, my Saudi students at the university (Bridge Dept) loved the greenery and the beauty of a small campus. I think they also enjoyed the small town living which in some ways seems to resemble the Arabic community where many know one another.

    I am enjoying my time at home although I still have classes on campus but teaching online, taking care of my husband still gives me more time to tidy up some loose ends in my life. It is nice when we finally have a chance to breathe and rediscover lost aspects of ourselves. My next blog is going to be a blog about being careful of the words we speak aloud. Around Christmas 2012, I mentioned to my husband making cupcakes and selling them. The next thing I knew, I was thrown into a business ….with my husband’s vision. Next time, I will be careful of the word I speak! Funny.


  4. Is that manakish @pic 8?
    Did they name an ice cream romance?
    I have single male friends in KSA and they said it is boring as hell for a single guy to be there, too many restrictions areas for them

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  5. As always Lynz I am fascinated with the architecture in your pictures from that part of the world. The modern office buildings, the historic religious structures, etc. Like Cynthia commented above I love when you post these various pictures.

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  6. 🙂 I spotted the Golden Arches in the distance in that first image and thought, ” ah that would be a welcome sight in a foreign land!” Actually it has been for me in countries that I don’t speak the language well or at all!

    That house with the pink and stone turrets looked lovely as did the stately white house. That must have been a very well to do neighborhood.

    Great series! I enjoy seeing Saudi through your viewfinder.

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