142 thoughts on “Here and there in Saudi-kids visit in 2013

  1. Recognise the enormous jars of Nutella from France … everytime my youngest visits me there she insists on taking one back which means we have to pay to check a bag just for Nutella … I must love her πŸ˜‰


  2. Lynz,

    Thank you for sharing. It reminded me of my time in Abu Dhabi. Tomorrow, I am going to share some photos of the housing area and some stores. I meant to ask you Lynz if you had thought about trying to teach English online. I know that you are not a certified teacher, but often opportunities come up to teach online and they pay about $10-$15 an hour. You can find them also on facebook sites. I will keep my eyes open for you! Also, if you speak Arabic, that is a marvelous talent which may come in handy for a job.
    I speak French and was able when living in rural areas to get the scoop on others for some interesting jobs…in Alabama….back in my 30s!

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