A van, a car or a train?

Thanks for visiting and I want to wrap this all up with a special friend, Van!


I have followed Van for a few months and love her blog! It is full of interesting things. She tells us heart warming stories and posts pictures and takes us on emotional journeys.  There is always a surprise waiting at her blog and something different each time I go to say hi! She is also a loyal friend and blogger who makes time to stop over, say hi and chat with me! I guess what I can say is Van is real and talks about real life and things that have left a mark on her past and present!  Check out her blog  vanbytheriver it’s amazing!

Route 10

64 thoughts on “A van, a car or a train?

  1. A van, a car or train☺️ You’re so funny Lynz 😄… It sounds like a very interesting blog. I’ll definitely check her out😄🌾🍂🍃🍁☺️🌻☺️🌸

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    • I spent the summer, a very hard one, on blogs reading and making friends, it helped me to have something else to think about and to do! I now only add people who are interactive with me as I cannot keep up. So that is my new rule! It is my way of being out in the world! xx

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