Fussulia is a middle eastern dish, lamb and red sauce cooked with green beans. Many words such as fussulia are a food as well as a dish.  Fussulia is the name for beans and also this dish. There are many ways to make it and I guess you could call it a stew by our standards. I made it with small pieces of beef, but my daughter Saleeha used chunks of chicken breast.


1 pound stew beef- or 2 chicken breasts cut into chunks

3 cups fresh green beans-washed and trimmed

1 onion chopped

5 cloves garlic chopped

1 -8 ounce can tomato paste

7-8 cups water

Salt and pepper to taste

pinch of Cayenne pepper



Place water and beef in a large pan and boil, turn heat down to low boil, using a slotted spoon or other kitchen utensil skim off fat and any bits or pieces and discard. After beef has cooked for 30 minutes add tomato paste, stir well. Add onions and continue cooking beef for 30 more minutes, add 2 tsp. salt and a dash of black pepper. Continue simmering.

Using a separate pan, saute garlic in olive oil until light brown. remove from heat.

In a separate pan, boil green beans until crisp tender, approximately 10 minutes, drain.

Add green beans to beef, tomato mixture. Bring to a boil again and then turn heat down, cover. Let this simmer for 30 minutes. Add fried garlic and Cayenne pepper. Serve this with white rice. Season to taste.



101 thoughts on “Fussulia

  1. Here I am again with my cooking report… haha! Yesterday I tried the recipe out. It is absolutely delicious. I made it with chicken. For some reason, I had a lot more liquid than it appears on your photo. But it was very tasty. I made Roti with it instead of rice. That was a bit more of a challenge. But the last four turned out not too bad…lol! I will definitely make them again.Now I have a feeling how thick I should roll them. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes with us. I love trying out recipes of other cultures!

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