183 thoughts on “Happy Valentines day

    • Thanks, My youngest came in because it was so loud and stood there like huh? then he wanted to take pictures. well I hesitated to post one, mude did not want me to post a picture he was in, so there was this one where he hid, the girls said they looked bad etc. hahah so finally got the green light to post one of them haha

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  1. Sardines! So cozy! We get the same with the grandchildren arriving for breakfast in bed – coco pops ( not allowed during the week ) and cartoons. My husband goes right back to sleep amidst sounds of Tom and Jerry slaughtering each other!

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  2. Haha πŸ™‚ that immediately reminded me of a nursery rhyme about…. ‘there were ten in the bed, and the little one said, roll over, roll over, and they all rolled over and the one fell out, there were nine in the bed, and the little one said, roll over, roll over…..and so on and so on….sorry, my mind sometimes goes in all directions, but it was funny πŸ™‚

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