100 thoughts on “Contrast

  1. Extreme gaps between rich and poor, old and new! They even have a Cinn-a-bon! My kids loved Cinn-a-bon when we visited the States again. It is interesting to see the things we are used to written in Arabic letters.

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  2. The unexpected mixed with what one might expect…and that indeed provides contrast not only from image to image but of course within several pictures themselves. Clever idea Lynz! (I think I’d do much better with the English-language version of Scrabble…!)

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  3. Those are certainly contrast for sure as country vs city in our homelands except that these are closer in proximity to one another. Curious little me is do they have sand storms and if yes there must be a huge cleanup in these market places? Where do they keep the garbage…meaning do they cart it away to a dump like we have here and where is this dump if they have one?

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  4. That is indeed a huge conrast Lynn! I don’t like to compare but it reminded me of my country – India.. on one hand you will find all the leading brands of the world loved by the elite people, but on the other hand, you can’t really ignore the poor 😦

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  5. I like when traditional is featured. I liked the contrasts but sad for camels, poverty and worn down areas. I liked the modern but see many international influences, including American. Thank you for sharing these interesting views! 🙂

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  6. Love the four guys sitting cross legged seemingly in the middle of no-where creating their own ‘space’.
    Nice that you have grouped these photos together Lynz, as you have shown hints soy this here and there in previous posts.
    I did comment further up, on how it is the same here, areas of extreme poverty and deprivation in the predominantly Algerian north of the city, compared to the extreme earth and beauty in the centre.
    P.S. I can’t open your latest post xx

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