163 thoughts on “The silent walk

  1. I really liked that you shared your walk with me. The l love you and off you went. The open spaces and clear views were stunning. Then the bonus was the view of the water and the sounds. I feel peaceful from my encounter. Thanks for a lovely post. Take care Cally.

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  2. It may sound funny Lynn, but while this is titled “The Silent Walk”, it isn’t silent at all. That was one thing I always noticed when I lived on the farm and took my daily walks. Totally alone, but never silent or alone. The universe talks and chatters away constantly if you only listen, and the only thing I’ve ever heard that beats that sound is the sound of children laughing as they play, or your baby giggling at you, or sighing in contentment. Hugs, Angie

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    • I used to wait until they left to start my walk, but now I walk to the bus stop which is in front of our house and say goodbye and start my walk. He always tells me, love you mom, keep your phone ringer on high, love you haha what a cutie my baby!

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  3. Oh Lynn I loved sharing this with you …. the birdsong, the chuckling water, the flowers ready to bloom and the crocus already revealed. The bare landscape ready for Spring – the trees reaching skyward knowing they will be flashing their greenery in a whisper. I walk every day and it is an inspired idea to share the reality of walking in nature – the sounds the sky, the ground. Just you and it. On another note – I am having a medical week …. Oncology on Monday, teeth yesterday a colonoscopy tomorrow (too much information probably but we have had 13 children between us – Lynn 9:Osyth 4) so I am a bit elusive but I will ring you on Friday and if you are in we can natter which will be my treat for enduring all the indignities of the week πŸ™‚


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