Yellow Curry with potatoes

Many years ago when I was newly married and lived in a suburb of Seattle, I met a lovely family. They were Indian but had settled generations before in Guyana. I was a young and naive girl who knew nothing of the world and was enamored with their traditions and cooking. These two kind ladies invited me over numerous times and made an attempt at teaching me various dishes from their corner of the world. On one occasion they made Yellow chicken curry with potatoes and Roti. I remember standing in the kitchen as bags of potatoes were peeled, onions and garlic were chopped and my eyes watered uncontrollably. They opened their hearts to me and I have never forgotten their kindness!



The ladies I cooked with used dark meat chicken with bones, but I use chicken breast as it is easier for me. I have made a few changes over the years to suit our tastes.

4 chicken breasts deboned, no skin, cut into chunks

1 large onion chopped

7 garlic cloves chopped

5 cups cubed potatoes

2 tsp. Β ground turmeric

1 spoon salt or to taste

1/8 cayenne pepper or to taste

1 tsp. ground cumin

1 tsp. ground cinnamon

1/8 tsp. ground corriander

Olive oil for sauteing

3 cups of water


Fry onions and garlic in 3 Tbs. olive oil until soft, add spices and keep stirring. Add chicken and continue to cook. Add 3 cups of water and bring to a boil. Cover, turn down to low boil and let this cook until chicken is done. When chicken is cooked add cubed potatoes and bring to a boil again, turn down heat and cover. Cook for 15 minutes or until potatoes are cooked but not mushy.

Check once the curry is done to see how much liquid remains, if it is very watery add some cornstarch, but just a little to make the sauce have some thickness. Use 1 Tbs. of cornstarch and mix it in a little water until well dissolved. Add this to the curry and gently stir it in. Turn the heat up, letting it lightly boil and thicken.We eat this with white rice and Roti.






132 thoughts on “Yellow Curry with potatoes

  1. Gorgeous – you know how I love curry – just got back, got LOADS to sort out, so not had a chance to read longer posts.
    I have just made a ‘hot and sweet’ veggie curry with apple chutney – you’ll have to wait a few weeks for this though, as I have job applications and wedding plans to sort first xxx

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  2. Lynn, this looks delicious. So, my question is, if I make the full recipe, does it freeze well, or would it be better to decrease the amounts and make a smaller amount of the dish? I don’t know if I could cut amounts since I’ve never tried measuring ingredients for anything but baking, but there’s always the first time for everything. Another silly question — what exactly, is Roti? I’m thinking a bread, and if so, do you have a recipe for that? As long as it can be mixed in the bread maker I can make it. Baking or frying it is easy as long as the breadmaker can do the kneading for me.
    Bus will be here soon to take me to the grocery so I have to start getting ready, Peace and Hugs, Angie.

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  3. I love yellow curry chicken. I really like how you’ve trimmed the calories by eliminating or not using coconut milk in your families version of the dish.

    I have a Chinese version we like but I rarely make it because of all the calories. It uses coconut milk.

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  4. Just checked out your recipes and printed the Roti, Fatyer-Cheese Bread and the Pita bread recipes. Love all types of bread, and especially love flat breads, so I’ll let my bread machine do the kneading for me and I can handle the rest. I love your recipes Lynn. Thanks for sending me there. Hugs, Angie

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  5. I love yellow curry…the hotter the better…LOL I buy African yellow curry…its my favorite….love your recipe, tried it and I think I am changing to yours….got caught up with all you post…love the walk, thanks…and I enjoyed your cooking video….lemon makes such a nice ingredient with chicken…I use chicken breast and pumpkin and potatoes in the oven…..sometimes less is best as far as the spices….my husband loves chicken legs so will do him a batch….love the camels…they are such characters….enjoyed reviewing all your post about other bloggers….very interesting…and loved you answers to Cameron’s survey questions…..enjoy the weekend my friend hope your doing something fun….did you ever go to work???

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  6. This recipe sounds familiar to me! I guess my mom adds peas and carrots too! What a lovely post Lynz! You have proved that you are a good learner along with a good teacher too!☺☺

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