118 thoughts on “Never ending

  1. When I was looking at the pictures I thought one is more beautiful than the one before. But then I realized that all together make the magic through their variety of colors and expression. That is such awesome post, Lynn!!!

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  2. I love all these photos, Lynn!! They really capture the beauty of the different seasons in your part of the world. Such beautiful landscapes. I particularly love the dried sunflowers covered in snow. And the bright yellow fields. And all of them actually 🙂 Are those the same purple flowers from your recent video that I said might be crocuses? Because those are not lol! Now that I’m getting a better look at the leaves…

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    • Thanks Cynthia! No those are in the back yard! My daughter went back there and brought me this photo! I asked her where did this picture come from– last year? She said no right now! I don’t know their names but bought them last year and thought they didn’t make it through the winter!!The flower is really weird and fluffy when it’s big and it’s so pretty!


  3. I had a children’s encyclopedia when I was little that had a picture of one of those red barns and lots of farm animals free-ranging around it. I’ve always wanted to see a real one and I would just love to peek inside.

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