101 thoughts on “Saudi

  1. More interesting pictures Lynz! These help “frame” the recollections you write of from being there. As always I am interested in their architecture – so much variety between the historical sites and the modern world.

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  2. Your pictures left me with odd feelings because in looking at them, they are just so far from my world. I cannot even imagine living in such barrenness. All that brown and sand would drive me bonkers. The architecture is amazingly gorgeous though!! Wow! Beautiful shots, Lynn!!! ❀

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  3. Love the photos Lynn. Such stark images against the vast desert, and oh, that sky. It goes on forever. I’m not sure there is a horizon in there. Are there winters? Sure looks like the sand and sun would last until a New Age enters and the walls come tumbling down.

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      • This is a pretty good day, not pretty as in lovely though. Rain and wind all day, but warm inside with crockpot lasagna and home baked spinach bread. Still not sure about that one. It’s different, but the taste is, well, different, and the spinach turns the bread a definite brown, very healthfilled look. Like a peasant bread actually.


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