Sacred journey-Foof and Abude 2012- inside Mecca


Fattima getting ready to go to Mecca


Huge clock tower built in mecca


Foof near the mosque, lots of construction


Abdullah-little Abude, inside the holy mosqueย 


Abdullah in front of the Kabbah. ย Men wear a plain cloth, no sewn garments allowed, to signify equality



Inside the holy Mosque

photo (17).JPG

A journey back in time. Each movement has meaning.


People come from all over the world to perform Umra and Hajj


116 thoughts on “Sacred journey-Foof and Abude 2012- inside Mecca

    • When they were growing up we went to Mecca several times. That time was not great as they were on their first visit to see him after leaving. He suggested they go to Mecca and so they did.But it was a life time experience for sure!

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  1. Brings so many memories of my visit there. Seeing the Kaa’ba was fascinating. I’d go back in a heartbeat if I could. I can’t believe his last child is five now! Lots of water under that bridge. You are a strong woman Lynn. ๐Ÿ’•

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  2. Wow, your posts are always so interesting, Lynn! I just want to let you know that I recently started self-hosting my blog, so I am not on anymore, therefore you wonโ€™t get my post updates in the Reader. If you would like to continue getting my updates, you will have to manually add my blog URL ( in your Followed Sites section.
    I would love to stay in touch and for you to stop by my blog from time to time!

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    • they used to take cameras away, no pictures. My kids went and he took all of these photos with his phone I guess. Well I moved here, left basically and when I did he came here, got me to reconcile, then a few months later married when I would not return, he announced that he had married. He immediately had a child, 9 months later! I would not have cared had he not threatened me with this all the time and also had he not come back and pushed me to reconcile! Also I found it difficult to divorce so was stuck!

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  3. What a fantastic place, and a wonderful experience for Foof and Abude. I can imagine the atmosphere in such a crowded place, and the feeling of awe must be overwhelming. Fantastic photographs – all very clear and colourful, and your children look happy and relaxed.
    This is probably a silly question, but are non-Muslims admitted? I would imagine they’re not, but I really don’t know.

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  4. I just finished reading Martin Lings’ “Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources” and it was my first look at the evolution of the religion (though not its customs and traditions). There is a lot about the Kabah in the book and it was quite a fascinating read.

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  5. So Foof’s name is Fattima? That’s pretty! I hope this isn’t offensive, but your children don’t look like their father is from the middle east. I bet that just made life at school even worst.

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    • No not offensive at all Tasha! Well, over there you are who and what your father is. So, he is Palestinian and so they were told either- They were poor Palestinians or stuff about being American!! So, yes it was rough, but anyone who is different there is not accepted! Lots of very open prejudice. My daughter’s nickname which I will talk more about later, unbeliever!! She -Fattima was so blonde and green eyes and they saw me wearing pants. So they called her basically infidel for fun! I went in and brought them gifts and a map to teach them about other people!!!!!


  6. Interesting Lynn! I’ve never seen so much of the inside, usually just the cube. I never had seen the clock tower before either. I know you said religion is difficult for you now. Do your children still practice Islam?

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    • Well we are all basically Muslim but everyone is different. Some pray and fast, others are just still Muslim. he used it as a huge weapon, screaming and enforcing rules that were not from Islam at all! He made it scary and worrisome which it is not! So, we are all just living I think is what I can say. Even greetings he used to insist on us saying them, so then we didn’t want to say them after that, anger if we didn’t so we now are trying to rebuild and figure out who we are!

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