Visit 2012- Fattima and Abdullah

Abdullah playing dress up trying on the traditional Saudi head dress-Gutra and Igal

The first kids to make a trip back to Saudi, were Fattima (Foof) and Abdullah (little Abude). We relocated to the States in 2009 and they went back in December 2012. It was a stressful trip but very eye opening for the whole family. The next trip would be the following December with 3 more kids and that pretty much closed the door on any more trips.



lay over relaxation timeIMAG0832DSCN0250

At the beach in Al-KhobarFattima2

Picnic time 1228120759b




102 thoughts on “Visit 2012- Fattima and Abdullah

  1. Such beautiful pictures! I love seeing the area because it is hard for me to picture what it is actually like versus what we are shown on the news.

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  2. I love vacation pictures. I have to say, knowing so much of your history adds a lot of mystery to what was going on behind and in-between the photos! Hope you are doing well today Lynn (my adopted big sister). πŸ™‚

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  3. Beautiful children. I liked the picture of your daughter wearing the black robe (I forget the name) with her denim jeans sticking out from the bottom, and holding a smart phone. Contrast of cultural expectations or technology encroaches on all cultures! thanks for sharing.

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  4. Lynn,
    It is wonderful how they support you and you support them. I am amazed that you let them go back to Saudi after the harrowing time they had there- it shows you are very open minded and wanted them to experience life for themselves rather than what was told them. Love it.
    Have you been to Saudi after you left ? Would you go again ?
    I am surprised people can even fight so much and they have so much aggressiveness inside them. I mean, wouldn’t our basic instinct be to percolate towards peace and harmony- these people seem to thrive on fights.
    Does your husband have a job now and is he with his second wife or does he have another one ?

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