I am so proud of my son! He did not reach the time he wanted. This was the first meet he participated in and so he has to be patient and wait for the next meet, have his PR then! He did PR by a couple of seconds but not what he had hoped for. It was a JV meet and he is on the Varsity team, but wanted to get a meet in since he has been sick. I am proud of his dedication, his good sportsmanship and holding his head up high! It hasn’t been easy for any of my children and Mude was one of my first kids to attend school here, he didn’t know how to read very much and it was a whole new world for him and for us! Yesterday I stood by the fence and yelled, as he requested, that it was time for him to pick up his speed! After the race, a boy from another school, a freshman, asked Mude what his time was, then told him “Wow you are so fast, I hope I can race against you again” his eyes were wide with admiration! I told my son, “ok that is what this is about” as Mude gave him a high five and he walked away I felt a warm feeling inside of me well up, a feeling that I did the right thing 7 years ago this month and chose to stay here, raise my kids and help them have opportunities. I usually say I relocated, but now I will just say it, I fled and made sure my kids were with me and safe!



115 thoughts on “Proud

  1. Aww! I’m sure he’ll hit his PR once he gets a couple of other races in. He was probably in the top 3, especially if he runs varsity but ran a JV race. Which race did he run? I’m so glad you’re back in the U.S.

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  2. As the children age they know what their Mom did was because she loved them more…You did do the right thing Lynn I will always say that to you-better than many times in the past you were made to endure and suffer and so did those children in a round-about way. Not anymore they are in America-home to the FREE and the BRAVE. xoxooxxoo Bestie 2

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  3. I want to stand up and cheer for you Lynn. Because you have survived, because you put motherhood first. Most of all because you finally said it. Fled. Ran for your life. And made the time. Brava. X


  4. These moments are times for reconciliation for yourself.. Taking time to put the nightmares, regrets and guilt in thier proper place, the past.. Every decision you’ve made has led up to having these golden moments..

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  5. You’re so proud of him! And rightfully so. What a strong-minded, handsome, and healthy young man he is. And he looks proud of you too! Heck yes, you did the right thing. Thank heavens you got yourself and your family to a place of normalcy and joy.

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