Spring at my house and thanks!

Everything is in bloom! It is amazing and brings hope and good feelings. This is usually the time of year when he pops over into our lives. So far, no word, no problems and now time to relax!  So, a tense time in ways, but with the help of many of you, I feel hope and security. I want to say thank you for being there, caring and having a supportive, kind word!  God has truly blessed me with my kids, parents and now my blogging friends! Thank you!


lilac mom and dad gave me, it’s been three years and has grown and bloomed many times!


Periwinkle or Vinca that mom and dad supplied when I wanted to have a large ground cover area.


Patio that my son Abdullah planned and worked hard on, then son Yusuf came and helped build with him. All of the kids pitched in to make this patio! The birdhouse Yusuf made for me, the lawn swing the kids bought me when we first moved here and a cover that good friend Abigail designed and sewed for me! Roses transplanted from the lake house and brought here, once brown and brittle (everyone said throw them out)  now I have to cut them back three times in the summer!


_DSC2014He planted this plum tree a few years back, it ended up being bare and brittle. Abdullah moved it up by our home and now it flourishes.

Life is full of possibilities, and I am so blessed to have all that I have! I guess this post is about turning things around! From worn and tired to full and beautiful!

169 thoughts on “Spring at my house and thanks!

  1. What a lovely positive post. I love lilacs! I just got two plants in the ground. Can’t wait til they bloom! And Lynn, I am grateful for your friendship too. You are such an encouragement to me. Love and hugs! Kat

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  2. Such a beautiful Spring, as you have now Lynn 😀
    I’m to hear, that you have peace without unwanted visits for now. Enjoy and be grateful in mind to have this peace, not to attract anything not good for you.
    Wish you a beautiful day and new week.

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  3. The garden is lovely, especially love the orange and yellow flowers in the first picture- what are they ?
    I love spring too though winter is where things grow where I am. Anyway a new season symbolises new beginnings.
    I am surprised that he actually planted a plum tree at your house – I mean, I could never have attributed such feelings with such a person. Goes to show there may still be some hope.
    Glad you have such a lovely big plot of land to call your own after having lived in such cramped conditions for so many years.
    God bless.
    Unto new beginnings !

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