Jacki update

As you all know I am waiting to be a Grama! My oldest son, Osama and his wife, Jacki, are expecting twin boys! From the beginning this pregnancy was labeled high risk,  which meant close monitoring, visits to specialists, ultrasounds and the usual tests.

This is a very exciting time, but also full of stress for both mother and father to be. The past couple of weeks Jacki’s blood pressure has been creeping up but luckily she is being monitored very closely. She was in the ER on Sunday because her blood pressure was high. They kept a careful eye on her and sent her home with a list of instructions. I hurried around the house, cleaning up, making cookie dough (don’t ask why?) and getting groceries. It hit me that I was really going to be a Grama and needed to be ready at a moments notice.

We are all confident that she can make it through the next two weeks and into week 35. Meanwhile, my bag is packed and I am ready to jump in my van and make my way over there. Prayers and good thoughts for Jacki, Osama and our two precious boys!


197 thoughts on “Jacki update

  1. This must be a wonderful time for you and sending prayers to Jacki and family. Making cookie dough is not silly, it is your way to handle stress. I clean when I am stressed, whether it needs it or not.

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  2. Congratulations Grama Lynz, your grand babies will be so lucky to have you lovingly cooking delicious snacks for them. 😀

    I wish your daughter-in-law the very best, pregnancy is a big blessing from God. Expecting twins must be so exciting!

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  3. Hi Lynz – I’m sooo far behind on all the blogs I follow. I’m gonna have to find a bit of time to catch up on your posts because they’re always so interesting – and it’s like a lovely chat with a friend.
    I had twin sons in Montreal – it’ll be 43 years ago in May. (I had been thinking they were gonna be 42… DUH!) I went two weeks early, as did my mother when she gave birth to my brother and I – we’re also twins.
    We’re all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the babies. And we know you’re gonna be such a wonderful grandmother. Tell me, what are they going to call you. Me – I’m ‘Gigi’ – and I love it!! ; o )

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  4. What an exciting time Lynz! Your first grandchild and you get TWO of them! She is such an adorable mommy to be! Praying for a healthy delivery! Hopefully the parents will be OK with you posting pics once the cuties arrive!!

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