Saturday we made our way up the road to my hometown where a large Invitational track meet was being held. Many teams were there and the meet lasted into early evening. Mude went with his team on the bus while Saleeha and I went in her car. We spent the day looking for furniture for Saleeha’s new apartment, did a bit of shopping and then visited mom and dad. We all ended up at the invitational where we waited for Mude to run. He decided to take a break from the mile and did the two mile this time, which he had not run since last year.

He ran a great race, stayed in the middle of the runners and kept a steady pace until the end. I was so very proud, he took 5th place and had a pr by 27 seconds! Β At the end of the race it poured and poured and I had no umbrella with me. Saleeha ran to her car and brought me one, but it was a little late. We watched the awards, got Mude something to eat and made our way back through the country roads with a gorgeous sunset unfolding all around us. It was a wonderful day and again, so very proud!

As we went from store to store looking for Saleeha’s couch, the sun was bright and skies were blue. When the 3200 Β approached, skies turned black!


Mude posed for a quick picture before the race.


The race started, he was patient and kept a steady pace.


Just as the race finished it started to pour.

This video doesn’t exist


Mude took 5th place and had a PR of 27 seconds. He shared his cool award with us, a baton!

It continued to rain on and off until we finally started home. The sunset unfolded as we made our way back through the Palouse.






145 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. I’m so glad to hear he improved on his time, Lynn! I love these photos! You’re such a good mom. You should get the Mom of the Year Award! I love how you stayed in the rain to support your son! Hugs ❀

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  2. Wow-rain down pours like here sometimes!!!Gee as I think of that I have myself got caught outside in some and was drowning wet! Yuck…Here is must be very careful about lightning. So happy for Mude-yea! Did See See find a new sofa/couch for her new place? The Palouse is baron looking but pretty open land space! That’s all Folks! xoxoxoo Bestie 2

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    • I was so happy Paula, he has trained for the past couple years, put so much in and just got stuck on the mile! So, when the coaches said leave it for now,he was free! He was happy, just excited for the race! I was shocked at his PR!

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  3. Horray for Mude and HOORAY for Momma who doesn’t let rain or storm or dark of clouds stop her from being there for her family. Lump in throat. I think back to where you started and what you went through in the beginning of your marriage and children and just marvel at what you have done, where you have come, and the amazing children you have raised! You are my hero Lynn!

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  4. Congrats to Mude on running really well, personal best and winning fifth place is an honor and a lot of effort taken to get there! I am so glad you are able to go, as well as your parents usually go too. I love racing and have always gone to field and track events as well as cross country races! I know you probably commented on my brother’s last race last Sunday he ran the Big Sur marathon as a 57 year old runner, in 4 hours 6 minutes. His cross country team won State in 1977 Spring. πŸ™‚

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  5. How lucky you all were that it stayed dry until your successful son was done with the race! Congrats!!! And you look so cute, poor Lynn! How wonderful that sunset looked again after the thunderstorm was over! Great pictures and event!

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  6. It sounds like a wonderful day Lynn πŸ˜€ Congratulations on him doing so well, I know you were proud! I thought it was so sweet that your son ran to the car to get your umbrella. Love the pictures!

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