Sometimes it’s just not your race

Yesterday we went to another track meet to watch Mude run. We decided to go after Fattima finished work, she would swing past the house and take me to Lewiston. Mude has been trying to beat his time and PR for the mile. He has been stuck and working hard to get a better time. He has been training in the rain, snow and heat!! He was frustrated and I was wishing I could wave a magic wand and make it all come together. Mude ran the 2 mile last week, had a big PR. He was set to run the 800 and the mile yesterday. The meet was long and I decided since the mile was the race we were focused on, I would not go to the 800, it was not “the race” and I had many things to do. I got ready to go, waited for Fattima to finish work, when I got a call from Mude. He said he took first place in the 800 and Pr by 5 seconds! I was shocked! We went for the mile, he had a PR of 7 seconds which was great. The most important thing was to see him happy and proud!

I sat and thought about it to myself and realized that sometimes we focus on what we want and not what is right in front of us! Sometimes, it’s just not your race!

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