Happy mother’s day

Three years ago when we went to the lake,  mom wanted to give me a bunch of starts. We loaded them into a box, watered them and drove home in the heat. I had no place to put them so I dug some grass right there on the spot. One plant was a purple Iris. Mom told me it was her Dad’s (daddy’s) favorite plant. Last year and now this year, they are taller and more gorgeous than ever. When she was here last Spring and they first bloomed, she told me she had never seen such tall and beautiful Iris and was shocked that they had done so well. Mom surprised me and said:  ” I just feel Daddy is looking down smiling!”

Happy mother’s day to my best friend and mentor!



118 thoughts on “Happy mother’s day

  1. Once, I accidentally thought your parents were at a track meet and now I apologize profusely! Was your mother remarried or I accidentally mistook two parents with you, Lynn? So sorry, anyway.
    This post is beautiful and spiritual. Yes, your Dad’s spirit can carry plants, creatures and other forms of nature into fruition. 🙂 I think of my Dad up in the sky “rearranging the stars for us all.” ❤
    Happy Mother's Day, to you and your mother, Lynn!


  2. At first I wasn’t sure what ‘starts’ were. Isn’t if funny how there are different names for the same things… depending upon where you live. When I sold the farm in Quebec two years after my husband died, I snuck some ‘starts’ across the border under the seat of my rental truck. It was too late in autumn to plant them but they did fine. I gave them to one of my (six) sister-in-laws to take care of while I took a trip to Malta to see my husband’s former employees and our friends. When I got back, 10 days later, the ‘starters’ were literally CRISPY from lack of water. Two made it through and I treasure them. But I’l never understand how someone can’t tell when a plant needs water….. hmmm.

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