Barns for Sadie

A couple of months ago, Sadie and I  agreed that we would take pictures of barns and share them. She made a post with a barn and an old train. I have yet to post anything for her. So, here is my post full of barns and other farm type buildings!

Sorry it took so long Sadie–Sadie’s Nest Loving Life From My Perch



79 thoughts on “Barns for Sadie

  1. Gorgeous pics Lynz. Number three looks a lot like the tobacco barn on my grandfathers farm. I loved to play in there among the long rungs of hung tobacco though I was always chased away, hope I didn’t get second hand smoke! Beautiful post xxx

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  2. I love seeing barns like these. It makes me miss the wide-open spaces of my home state, Colorado. A few years ago, a plot of land was cleared to make way for a grocery store. They discovered a huge old barn back there. I wished they would have left it.

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  3. Lynn, they’re fantastic! I really love the one in your featured image… I think there are three at foothills, how interesting is that? I wish I really knew more about the intricate details of farming, I’m sure it serves a purpose. The steeple is neat. And how about the close up of the one unraveling on the bottom, imagine the years of wear! Thanks Lynn, you made my week!

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  4. I LOVE barns! These are great pictures! I have two barn pictures in my living room one a picture my father-in-law took of a Yellow (!) barn and another a print of an old one filled with hay. Really enjoyed your pictures! Jo

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  5. Not many old barns around about us as they have mostly been converted into houses or are still used, but when I’m out and about I’ll keep my eye open! I always have my camera with me.


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