130 thoughts on “My son, proud new dad!

    • I just got back home. They were born last night around 8 p.m. Neither of them need time in the neo natal unit! They are 5.14 oz and about 4.9 oz. They are just adorable and we are working on mom nursing! I saw one baby last night, then this morning sat from 6-9 a.m. with them! I went back around 1 and stayed a few more hours and then home. Mom is doing well and will most likely go home Monday morning! So glad they are healthy and so far no issues. We thought they would need about 2 weeks in the hospital but they seem to be fine! Aiden and Bennett. Bennett is smaller but very active and awake allot! Bennett is more quiet so far! Love love love

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  1. May every happiness you lost come back to you, many times over, with the happy times spent with these precious babies. I am so glad the babies have been named such beautiful names.
    Will Jacki’s mother be helping out ?

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  2. This was a handsome picture of your son. Oops, the past photograph I commented and said your daughter (now please take this as daughter in law) was looking beautiful and radiant. Sorry I am forgetful, sometimes. I knew this when you had the shower, Lynn. Hugs, Robin xo ❀ ❀ to the twins!

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