71 thoughts on “Small town life

  1. Lovely photos and your town looks so quiet! I love that you have included the library in your photos too as I always think the library is one of the most important resources a community can have! Glad you have found a happy home.

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  2. Small town life is wonderful. I lived in Iowa for several years. This was a place you could find good, hard working, salt of the earth type people. So refreshing when we look around today at a world often sacrificing values to get “ahead” in life. Interestingly, people know the expression “getting ahead” yet they rarely know where they want to go!

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  3. It is exactly like the small Catskill town my New York (big city) parents moved to when I was 5 years old. At 18, I was very happy and ready to leave but it was a wonderful place to grow up. And much safer than the New York area. However now some communities have a problem with heavy heroin use…not all but when I read about it, I am amazed and grateful for gentler times.The most damage we had was drinking.

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  4. Noting better than living in a small town…love the feeling and closeness of the community….kinda weird here….we really know no one here…we go to town and its all strangers looking back….however anyone and everyone we have come across here have been nothing but kind to us….and in a way it is like a small town…90 thousand when the snow birds go home, double that when there here….love the pictures….and what a lovely family you son has made for himself….and what a trooper, Jackie is….after a long pregnancy to have 2 beautiful little boys to hold and cuddle….hummmm Grandma Lynn!! Man that has a nice ring to it…..love to you and your clan…XXXXXXkat

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  5. I love small town life. When I was young I remember thinking, “I can’t wait to move away and see all I can see.” Now I think, “I’m so appreciative for a small town and peaceful community.”

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