Boise break

We had a nice drive to Boise, checked into our hotel and then went to see Mude run! This morning Fattima and I went out at about 6 a.m. and took pictures at the capitol building, then walked to have coffee. We will look around a bit today and then head back home.

The trip to Boise is breathtaking, the landscape changes from meadows of yellow and green, dotted with the remnants of old barns, farm equipment and livestock, to a mountain pass and a winding Salmon river. Driving down white bird pass was harrowing for me, it is a steep and long grade and you have a view the whole time of the foothills and valleys. Β After the pass an hour or more is spent driving Β next to the Salmon river passing tiny towns along the way. The final leg of the trip found us meandering past quaint little towns and more meadows and forest. It is hard to stop any where to take pictures because the roads are narrow and there are few safe areas to stop! I plan to stop at the pass on the way home and will hopefully post a picture! I would like to make this trip again in the summer and have planned stops to take some good pictures!


50 thoughts on “Boise break

  1. What a beautiful ride you gave us with these stunning pictures. I had to look up Boise (I’m still shamefully kindergarten on US Geography) – how lovely it is. Another place to add to my ever-growing destination list πŸ™‚

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  2. Family and away times (“escapes”) are always nice to share. Your daughter is beautiful and I remember how handsome Muse was in a running photo. I have never been to Boise and it looks like a great place, you captured some outstanding views! πŸ™‚

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  3. Lynn,
    Where is Boise ? Is it outside the US ? Beautiful photos and is that snow I see in one of them ?
    Any race run is a step forward in one’s journey. One doesn’t need to be the winner every time ( in comparison with others) – it is enough that one is competing against oneself.

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