This is Idaho




I sit on my porch sipping morning coffee as the yellow crop duster swoops down and around the rolling hills. The whir of the engine as it dips and then roars past are now a normal back drop in my little town. Rolling wheat fields turn to scrub like desert as you wind your way down to the Lewiston valley past the Snake and Clearwater rivers. Idaho is full of contrasts in both terrain and wildlife, dotted with tiny towns throughout the region. A gorgeous place to camp, hike and live! This is Idaho!






100 thoughts on “This is Idaho

  1. It’s not only stunning but for a non-American it seems to capture all that I imagine this country to be – the contrasts, the vastness, the buildings hewn from natural materials. Fabulous pictures, Lynn – totally beguiling and calling me to take a look for myself πŸ™‚

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  2. There is a freshness and vitality to Idaho. I believe that even with the very cold winters; if one were promised a job people would arrive. That is the rub as they say. Often we remain moored to our landing for our job, our home, and our familiarity. It looks like a wonderful spot to visit. I have heard Coeur d’Alene is beautiful. I worked with a teacher from there who went to the UAE and and was situated in Al garbia. I know he missed Idaho. He didn’t finish his contract.

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  3. Lynn,
    Your state is beautiful, made even more so by your presence. Is this your home state ?
    You could so easily get lost in all that openness and no one would even know !
    That is so what I want to do at times.


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