Days gone by

I found this photo on the CWU alumni jazz fb page. This is part of my past, hidden for years. That is me in the front holding the microphone, wearing the black jacket and shiny silver shirt. This was my Sophomore year months before I met him. This was a beautiful time in my life full of special memories.Β After I left Saudi I reconnected with some of these talented people and hope to meet in person some day.
An interesting note / grammy award winning musician, Michael Wansley is pictured in the top row!


81 thoughts on “Days gone by

      • Ha! I get the feeling slow lately thing. Me too! But, I seriously doubt many of us would be bored listening to you sing!

        I thought your premiere video you cut yourself too short and didn’t finish the song. I told you then I wish you had finished it. πŸ™‚

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          • Well then, I give you permission! πŸ™‚

            Practice short video recordings posting them or not until you build up confidence to forge ahead and SING with the passion that is in you.

            I know you don’t need to build up your voice as I imagine you sing all the time around the house and kids. πŸ™‚

            The talent and song in your soul is a gift and blessing. It’s not just us who wants to hear you. xxx

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          • You are so kind! Thank you for the suggestions and also the permission! It is funny my son told me once that I had been locked up but now was locking myself in, he said the door is open but you won’t walk through!!!!!xxxxxxx

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  1. The Wanz!!! Respect! You will reconnect with your inner songbird – she has been a bird in an ungilded cage for a long time but she lives, she breathes and she needs to sing I know this. When it is time, you will. xx

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    • Heeeeey cookie – he was a hottie … J’suis jalouse πŸ˜‰ and you ARE a songbird at heart and for no reason at all I have become obsessed with birdsong since I got here – can now identify chickadees and Jay’s and bluebirds and cardinals and mourning doves, sparrows, robins and oriels (the mockingbirds add confusion) … Perhaps I’m channeling a sign to you …. Xxx

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  2. Lynn, Lynn, Lynn!!! What a fabulous photo!!! Yes – I noticed you were soloing right off!!! I am still amazed at your total natural talent. Please keep singing. It will rejuvenate your soul. Hugs, friend!

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  3. Hey, your brush with fame, yay Lynn! I am so glad you were able to reconnect with some of your Jazz friends. I remember you posting a song once, it was BEAUTIFUL! I wouldn’t mind getting to hear another one, hint hint! xoxoxo ❀

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  4. You’re still in there and “all that jazz”. I saw a movie not that long ago (that had some foul language and I wouldn’t recommend). That said- it starred Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton, and Diane Keaton played a jazz singer. This was before I even knew you, but I remember being so impressed that she was not afraid to put herself out there! And I’m impressed by you too! It’s up to you, if you’d still like to do it, even for fun, go for it!

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