Sports in Saudi

This was me practicing with Abdullah for his upcoming baseball season.

In Saudi Arabia it is common to see young men on the side of the road, in a vacant lot of sand and dirt, playing a game of soccer.  In school, boys play soccer in P.E. as well as at recess time. Girls are not encouraged to play sports and when a stray soccer ball fell on their side of the wall, just picking it up was discouraged. I suppose it was not seen as lady like. In Riyadh a sports league for kids was established and each season a different sport was played. People from the U.S., U.K and various middle eastern countries participated.  Osama wanted to play baseball and he then pushed the kids to do so as well. Fattima played softball several seasons and Abdullah played both soccer and baseball. It was a great experience and something that they looked forward to.

IMG_2189Osama playing in a soccer league, RiyadhIMG_2158IMG_2185DSC02797

45874 (4)

Practicing for baseball season!


63 thoughts on “Sports in Saudi

  1. Baseball and softball were the main sports my kids played. They were lifeguards and swam in the off season, and tried volleyball, and basketball but both loved baseball.

    It’s a shame the girls were discouraged over there. Sports are good for so much more than just fitness.

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  2. Great pictures Lynn, I am thankful there were some sports activities for the boys. It is a shame it is not the same for the girls. Hope your day is going well my friend. 🙂


  3. What a culture shock the Middle East must have been when you first lived there; at the same time, though,,quite an adventure!


  4. Sport teaches so much – teamwork, discipline, listening, leading, following not to mention the motor skills and fitness. It is sad when cultures exclude or disapprove. You, my dear look absolutely AWESOME in your robes with your mit on getting stuck in with your baby! Loved this post 🙂 xx

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  5. Good for you getting involved, even in your robe ! 🙂 Sports is so good for children !!! It is really sad that it is discouraged for girls. You mentioned Fattima played softball for several seasons, how did he react to that? xxx

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  6. This is an epic photo Lynz. I’m so thankful that Dubai is slightly different and more permissive. Even though the girls are separated from the boys in my children’s schools at least my daughter gets to play volleyball, basketball and choreographed dancing 🙂

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  7. I love that no matter what it is you were right there encouraging the kids on, do the best, throw the ball for them….your the best mom ever…..I am not sure I could of ever don’t the robes…..just look way to hot for me…..xxxxxxxkat


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