55 thoughts on “Summer on the Palouse

  1. Hey girlfriend….I love your new blog look….so fresh and bright….very nice….the pictures are beautiful…summer up north….I can smell the green fields…absolutely gorgeous….the babies are getting big….nothing like a sleeping bundle of joy on your lap….Auntie and Uncle looks so serious….love it…..alls well here…MD appointments coming along and getting all positive results….my sweetheart is leaving on Wednesday next week…he is so ready to get back…LOL been a long time for him….I am excited to head-up north to see my sister with my daughter…..and of course this entire time I am ready to be back home…LOL looks like the 4th was full of family and fun…we had a very nice quiet weekend with the kids….be happy my friend….xxkat

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  2. I love the photos. Did you change your theme again? I really like this one because it compliments your blog. I like the photos of the food on the side where you can see them clearly. I am always changing my theme because I get bored with them easily. Oh, I love the colored background.

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