91 thoughts on “Saudi souvenirs

  1. I love the detailing of the china cup and the sandals. We had a growth chart on a door way in our kitchen in our home. Unfortunately we had to leave it behind when we moved.

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  2. The cups look like tea or espresso ones. What did you usually drink from them, Lynn?
    Those sandals are fabulous, so stylish! 🙂
    I really would treasure the marks on the camel growth chart. Precious souvenirs with memories attached. Hugs! xo

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  3. I hope you bring out more of the box of stuff to share.. Lynz you are the silver lining found in dark clouds.. Many people would toss everything out that could possibly be a reminder of a traumatic part of thier life.. You embrace the good and remember the bad.. Both wise to do.. 💛


  4. Such interesting things! I don’t know the song, I’ve heard it on a kids music commercial, but the first thing that popped in my mind when I saw those sandals was “I’m so fancy”. They really pay attention to detail!
    And BTW it’s so good to get back to my blog reading! I’ll be catching up on yours over the next few days… I’ve missed seeing your posts!


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