Saudi Souvenirs

Pin the tail on the donkey game using a camel instead.

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This is a picture of a postcard from Saudi. We made several road trips to Syria during summer break to see in-laws in Damascus. Along the road it was common to see cars loaded up!


Fancy table decorations and cloths


When visiting the Gold market, right next door was a cool camel style souk. There were blankets used in the desert and all kinds of unique stuff. Men sat along the market making these key chains and selling them. These are tiny Arabian style ships ships (sandals)


One of the shops near the gold souk

65 thoughts on “Saudi Souvenirs

  1. I got a kick out seeing the old station wagon loaded to the max! I’ve never seen such a stuffed, packed car! What a sight.
    Pin the tail on the Camel! LOL! I never thought of this game being modified to culture or country before. Love it!

    The table cloths are lovely.

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  2. My mother loved Damascus when she visited about 12 years ago. Sadly, I imagine it is not the same now. Road tripping with a car loaded like a camel is so fabulously foreign and hugely tempting just for the looks one would get! xx

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  3. Amazing such packed cars! But I remember when the borders opened to the East here in Europe the motorway in Austria was overcrowded with “Trabis” these old little cars from the DDR and many packed like that car!

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  4. Very cool Lynn, that car with all that stuff on top defies gravity. All of your emails have been going into a spam folder. My computer has gone crazy I think. I had almost 1500 emails that are not spam sitting in that folder so if I didn’t comment on your posts it’s because I didn’t see them and I apologize.

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  5. The camel souvenirs really make me laugh! I guess it’s a stereotype that everyone in the Middle East has a camel – I like that they seem to embrace the stereotype lol! And all that gold is incredible! Do you know if it’s real?

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