62 thoughts on “Selfie 

  1. Life is an amazing journey, full of twists and turns.. That selfie today, would have been only a far off fantasy, long ago and far away, to you.. Lynz, your story goes on, the picture is a glimpse of the hopes and dreams you are now living.. We don’t know “what’s next” for any of us, but where you are now in life, is a heartwarming chapter 💛


  2. Hello my friend…..3 generation picture…love it…..the pictures of the country side are breath taking….you really do live in God’s country!!! I am hating to say this, but moving away might have been the best thing I could of done…I feel the change in my kids, I am no longer feeling like I am being taken for granted….and its a wonderful feeling….I have had so much quality time with them together and apart that my cup runneth over…LOL after my kids grew up and moved out I was always pushing them to go to there fathers and enjoy the holidays there, now that I am older and look back I realize I was doing that out of guilt for divorcing there dad’s however I was leaving myself out of there lives….oh well can’t go back and do it over so I as trying to correct my wrong, but it wasn’t working, while I lived here….but moving away might have awaken the beast inside them, LOL they are both being wonderfully devoted and getting in as much mommy time as they can while I am here….and let me tell you it feels wonderful.. LOL really looking forward to driving up north with my daughter and spending time with her…..we all were together on Friday for about 7 hours…..I don’t think I have laughed that hard in many years….it was well needed…those grandbabies just keep getting cuter and cuter…..and you look marvelous……xxxxkat

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