A forgotten home along the Palouse inspired me to think of my Grama and her sisters and of the many truths to be found if we just listen


Memories fade to sepia

Ida, Elva, Grace and Bea

Laughter rang, now silence looms

Ida, Elva, Grace and Bea

Unlock the past, learn to be free

Ida, Elva, Grace and Bea





68 thoughts on “Forgotten

  1. One can be sad that the place is abandoned or happy for the love it felt once and hopeful that we won’t be abandoned nor need to abandon a place that we love … this is a really super piece, Lynn and I LOVE it! xx

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  2. I love the poem! When I see an abandoned home, barn or old building, I always wonder why. In Georgia, you can be one mile out of a city and there is an old abandoned barn or structure sitting very close to the road. I see this frequently and I am curious as to why they are not torn down.

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  3. I like your including the names of the sisters, those elders were special and made a big difference in many lives, Lynn. Hugs, Robin
    Outstanding photographs, just take my breath away! The Palouse photo on the other post was gorgeous, too. ❀

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