82 thoughts on “Last minute trip

  1. Does it take you long to get there? It looks like a beautiful place to live for a writer or someone independently financially stable or retired. I imagine for jobs….there is a commute which is why many of us live in suburbia.

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  2. I am blessed with grandies in my own small town but in the summer I have to squeeze my time into compartments since our days have now become 11 hour ones. Yikes! We took on Remington, Indiana stores in the winter and just added a town in Connecticut to our weeks work!
    Hope you had fun with the boys, seeing the babies ❤ ❤ is always so much fun! Lynn, sorry I have again fallen behind. Take care and Hugs, Robin

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      • I am always grateful for your listening, Lynn. Thank you so very much. I remember feeling like you leaned on me hopefully I showed I cared for you under stressful and dangerous situations you underwent, when we first met. I tried to help make you feel better, listened and believed you made the best choices in a challenging situation.
        I wish I could figure out my best choices! My situation isn’t a do or die one, though. Laughing a bit, since I am used to making the overtime money and trying to squirrel it away every month. After you lose everything, as you may have done and I did for sure, it seems wonderful to even have a job! Hugs, Robin xo

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  3. We were just saying this morning as we left the house early for the second time in two days that it is the best part of the day. When you are in a place as beautiful as you are it really must feel like a blessing and to be journeying towards those adorable little smidges of grandbabies …. seems pretty much a recipe for perfect to me!

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