Ice cream mocha pie

While living in Saudi Arabia I learned to make many middle eastern desserts, but my kids still preferred chocolate cake, cream puffs and ice cream pies. One of the difficulties in making specialized desserts is that while there are many western products in Saudi, they are costly and limited in flavors and variety.  Ice cream is usually vanilla, chocolate and mango, so making a specialty pie can be tricky. The following pie is just one example of what we did to adapt and use local products (much cheaper) but added our little flare. This pie can be made to order, omitting the coffee if you don’t care for it, adding other flavorings and other candies. It’s a lazy day cool treat that we still make.


1 container vanilla ice cream

4 Tbs.Chocolate syrup or to taste

1/2 cup coffee cooled

1 package m and m’s crushed


Use the recipe of your choice or an already made cookie type crust which can be purchased at most grocery stores.

I use a spring form pan, I crush basic oreo cookies and make a simple crust adding a bit of melted butter.


You can mix the ice cream, coffee and syrup in a blender or food processor, but we usually place the ice cream in a bowl, soften it a little and then add the syrup, coffee and candies. Mix well until all ingredients are blended.

Pour ice cream mixture over crust and even out. Freeze pie for several hours. Remove ring from pan and carefully slide pie onto a serving plate. Decorate with whipped cream.


101 thoughts on “Ice cream mocha pie

  1. Lynz… this looks delicious.. Just so pleased I spotted this.. Would love to make it.. But I am off now to make a Raspberry flan.. 🙂 And your post reminded me I still have to make It LOL and get off of WP.. As I am using up the loads of berries we picked from our Plot..
    Have a wonderful week..
    And sending Lots of Hugs your way ..
    Sue xxx

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  2. naughty, naughty, Lynn. That sounds good. I have a little trick dessert that makes up very fast. I use a parfait glass. Put a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream or vanilla frozen yogurt into the parfait glass. Pour some cold or lukewarm coffee on top. Then put some whip cream on top of that with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

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  3. Yum! When I meet my next weight goal, I am making this to celebrate and will allow myself a small piece! I totally believe in rewards and this has everything in it I love and have given up for now. Thanks, Lynn!

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