Goodbye Summer

My college kids started back to class this week and next week the younger kids will be in school. We have spent many precious days this summer with Aiden and Bennett. Watching them grow and change each day has been a blessing. Being around my three boys and Jacki has been so special! I love Fall but this time saying goodbye to summer is bittersweet!




66 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer

  1. I too can not believe how quickly Summer has flown our how your beautiful twins have grown.. I truly thing time is flying ever faster.. And the younger generation not only the older ones are now saying how time seems to be speeding faster..
    Good luck to their returning to School
    Sending love and Blessings for many more happy moments of togetherness..
    Love Sue xxx

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  2. Ya it’s pretty sad that summer’s almost over. My cousin just went back to college today too. I’m going back to school next week (first year of middle school).

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  3. Indeed saying goodbye to summer is bittersweet, but you get to look forward to some wonderful holidays with them this year. Lynn, I enjoy seeing the pictures of your family – I know you are very proud! 🙂

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  4. These boys are looking happy and growing pretty fast and so adorable too! Goodbye to summer…times and seasons they say comes and goes. I guess we just have to make the best of every season and enjoy it too. Have a fabulous weekend Lynz.

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