The book

Last week was the beginning of school, it was the week I was to start writing! I got the stomach flu, my son then followed and soon after he had shingles! So, tomorrow is the day I head to the library, sit in a comfy chair and start writing my story! I am not sure how to start, or where to go with it but I guess I will just keep trying until I get it done. The plan is to take two days a week and actually leave my house, go sit and work on writing. Being at home means so many distractions and never getting it done! I am hoping this will give me the time and focus to start and finish. Wish me luck!

154 thoughts on “The book

  1. This book will write itself dear Lynz and it is one many will read.. I already see it being a best seller.. No luck.. you are such a talented writer, as you creative images with your words along with emotion… Believe me.. your book will be published.. ❀ xxx Love and best wishes..
    Sue xxx

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    • Sure, well he was kind and calm and caring!!!! He was strong and nice and attentive! Other guys just left and broke promises. He fit in every where he went and acted appropriately. My parents friends really liked him. he said all of the right things, was just dream dream man.


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