63 thoughts on “Heme runs

    • yes they really can. he was worried about finishing! Mude came along and went to areas he knew were hard(he has run this many times) and talked to him, cheered him on! He finished! he is a sweetie pie and told me it’s not his thing but he wants to keep trying and get better. He is wise beyond his years xxx

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      • Bonus points for finishing it, and trying it!

        We supported our kids and encouraged them to try all kinds of sports to find what suited them. It’s wasn’t hockey, basketball, or running.
        They loved Baseball, softball, volleyball, biking, weight lifting, and swimming.

        My oldest hikes and runs now. My youngest still plays softball in an adult coed league.

        Bonus points to you for supporting his journey into this new to him sport! If it’s not his thing I hope the next sport he tries is.

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