Fun times

Fattima and I had quite a time on our 11 hour road trip yesterday. It involved lots of coffee, bathroom stops and general craziness that ensues when we go on a road trip! We stopped about 3 hours into the trip at the most beautiful place ever!  I will share a couple of photos for now. We are up early waiting to go see Mude run! A long day but well worth it! We will head up the road mid afternoon after the race and stay the night in Boise!

Love, Lynn








66 thoughts on “Fun times

    • It was just amazing, I saw it and said STOP! We walked and wandered around fo 30 minutes. I had to lighten photos but the color was just popping, it felt like a different world. It was just outside of Coeur D Alene Idaho at a park. The mission is the building you see at the top of the hill. I will post more when I get home. Thanks xx

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    • It was quite a mess! I will write a post I guess about it. The elevation really messed everything up and he almost collapsed! But he made it across the finish line and then was helped out at the medical tent! I was a little panicked PJ! It is double our current elevation and so the team had some trouble adjusting.


        • The team came in last! All of our top runners did not have their usual times so they were disappointed! It seemed like quite a disadvantage for northern teams. I am glad he was ok and happy that the kids were mature about it all. xxx


          • Yeah it was a weird choice and took 14 hours for the bus to get there with stops etc. Took us 11. This is the first time they have gone to this location in four years and the coach said it is really tough to make that change. It seemed pretty unfair. Our top girl is usually far ahead of everyone but this year could barely hang onto third place and was really having trouble!I felt bad for the seniors like Mude as this was the big race. Really not fair at all.


          • Yes that is the way it went to be honest! Our top guy just ahead of Mude took 6th place and by his usual time would have been first. For Mude it was just too much and he was weaving and looking like he would fall over mid way. Hopefully they will not make that mistake again.xxxx


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