122 thoughts on “An Idaho Fall

  1. Beautiful autumn colours – a wonderful mixture here. I am also taken with the rolling ‘hills’ in the background in the second to last photo – would that be like our moorland? Such an array of shades & colours.

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      • I grew up in eastern Washington, well at least till I was 6, but I can remember the beauty of the fall, my mothers favorite time of the year so we would go on long rides to look at trees and pick up rocks…LOL so beautiful at your place…

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          • 50 miles close…I was born in Chewelah…lived there until I was 6 and my father got a job with the Olympic National Park in Port Angeles and then moved out to Kalaloch on the ocean in the National Park…..I had a wonderful childhood…after living there for 8 or 9 years we moved to Point Reyes National Seashore, just north of San Francisco….it was also a wonderful place to live….tahts how I came to live in California otherwise I am pretty sure I would still be in Port Angeles…LOL I did live in Alaska for a short period of time..that was interesting…LOL my sisters both lived on the Island of Prince of Wales in a town called Craig….different for sure….not my cup of tea however….but you do live in a piece of Paradise yourself….I bet moving to the desert was a big shock for you….it was and still is here…at least if we drive a hundred miles we are able to find a forest…..not so much for you over there…..just more sand….so glad your home sister….xxxxxkat

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