The dream

Over the past year of blogging I have met several amazing photographers. Each day I watch as they post breath taking pictures. I wish I could follow one of them around for the day! Distance and busy lives are a barrier to this dream, so I think I might take a photography class! Thanks for inspiring me.  and


One of my favorite barns in three different seasons

91 thoughts on “The dream

  1. Oh, wow, Lynz – these are so full of atmosphere – I can feel the emptiness of the landscape. Brilliantly captured. I follow Cindy’s blog and her photographs are outstanding and an absolute delight in looking at them. Virtual travel first class!

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  2. I adore barns , the older the better. Having been partly raised on a farm, they hold such fascination for me. I recall exploring their rafters, the smell of tobacco hanging in rows, Cotton in burlap bags stacked to the ceiling. These are so beautiful , thank you for sharing.

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  3. How fun to see in different seasons! I am a photography class drop out – thought it would help me, but I have more fun just playing and seeing what happens. Go for it though if you think you would enjoy! Do what you LOVE!!! 🙂

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  4. I think you make lovely images! You have a great eye for composition and “seeing”. Thank you so much for the awesome compliment!
    I learn best with workshops, hanging out with other photographers, lots of reading on my own, and trial and error rather than in a “classroom” with tests and speaking in front of the classroom. 🙂

    I hope you find a class with a teacher that teaches what you feel you need and I look forward to the amazing images you share in the future! xx

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  5. Lyn, this sounds like such a wonderful decision for you for several reasons. One, you are a great photographer already. Two, you can possibly use your own photography for your book. And third, this will be great to do something you enjoy to balance out the anxiety and depression. This is great Lyn!

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